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About Us

Edsmark is a modern, highly scalable library and physical records management system designed to help your library simplify it’s processes. Make it easier for clients to find library materials and records, and enable the company to better catalog, manage and distribute their material, no matter how large or complex the system may be. Easy, no setup fee, no hardware costs, access from anywhere. Supports unlimited library members, safe and secure, no long term contract, cancel anytime.

Services & Features

Expanded Search

Search all your libraries at once. With one click, you can expand your search from one library to all in your account.

Subscriber Email Notifications

Automatically email your subscribers reminding them of an upcoming or past due date.

Batch Edit

Select multiple items in the library at once and edit them together. 

Multi User Management

Create additional managers ($ 2 per month) and grant them access to specific libraries in your account or set the manager as administrator so that he has full rights to all libraries!


Create unlimited users and borrow your items. The central page in Edsmark helps you keep track of all your rentals. Set deadlines, rent multiple items at once and return items.

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Our Project

Edsmark is employed in many different libraries across the world, these range from private enterprises, to specialized learning centers. However we find that public libraries are the most deserving of our attention. As anyone can have a membership this ranges from infants to great grandparents. Our software is constantly being guided by a large group of librarians who work both in public and private libraries as well as in every relevant context. Our public access catalogue includes multiple query interfaces that appeal to each age group. Additionally we offer a highly advanced self service feature, self service checkout and return, digital resource management, reports, and equipment/asset management. Our commitment to quality stems from our original founding goal of providing you with the best service we can. At Edsmark we’re a community of academic, special, public, and education librarians that work with software designers, automation consultants, administrators, and support technicians to create a truly unique experience, that is easy to use, easy to implement, and cost effective.

Our Philosophy and Vission

With our software your library can be better managed regardless of its size or location, and that’s our guarantee. At Edsmark our developers worked hard to make the software 100% scalable and adaptable to fit your business needs. Across all our pricing options, we offer full customizability that include options for simple UI adjustments all the way to complex backend adjustments. Edsmark also offers a wide variety of different models that work for circulation, cataloging, authorities, flexible reporting, label reporting, multi-format notices, offline access, and much more.

Need More Details?

Feel free to call us anytime. Our dedicated support team will help you in any way possible. We are available 24/7 365 days in a year. Or if you feel more like typing feel free to send us a message.



“It feels great when a company actively listens to customer feedback, and acts on what they say. Working with Edsmark has been a good experience, very friendly customer support, and an overall great program.”

Kathryn Murphy

“Great software, very reliable and easy to use. I only have one complaint and that is the program only exports to pdf, it would be great if it also could export to a Word document. But otherwise great software would definitely recommend it!"

Charles Cheng

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Edsmark has got everything I need."

Ralph Edwards

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